Psychic Energy and Psychic Vampire


A psychic vampire is a person who feeds off another person’s energy or life force. I am not talking about blood here! I am talking about the aura or psychic energy that all of us possess. A psychic vampire can do this intentionally or unintentionally. Let me explain the concept here.

Have you ever been around someone who seems to make you feel worn out or drained after spending time with them? Do you know someone who always cheers you up just by being around them? Everyone has a personality that is either projective or receptive or both. Some of us are happy and cheerful most of the time which in essence lifts the spirits of those around us. Then of course there are some people who are grumpy or irritable all the time and of course that will take a toll on you as well. Have you ever witnessed a dramatic event or heard someone shout in horror or in an assaulting manor? If you have,  stop and think about how  you reacted and felt? Did you feel jolted or did you have an adrenaline rush? Did it make you feel withdrawn? I know this sounds basic, but the exchange of energy is a natural process that we all do daily.  Anytime we interact with people,
energies are present and can be transferred back and forth.

Unfortunately, there are some people who can tap into this process and drain you of your own energy at will. These would definitely fit the true definition of a psy-vamp or psychic vampire. They do this on an astral or type of clairvoyant level. There has been much written about psychic attacks or astral attacks. Shamans have spoken of being attacked astrally by other shamans. Witches have known about astral attacks as well. That being said, it does not mean that clairvoyant psychics are psychic vampires. Nor does it mean that shamans, witches and those who practice Wicca are psychic vampires.  There are always going to be bad apples among the many good ones! In fact, most clairvoyants, shamans, and witches can and do use the exact same process to help heal a person’s energy in which ever way is needed at the time!

There is no reason to be paranoid or concerned by this information. All psychic defenses are based in building your own self-esteem, personal power and confidence. Some contain more physical acts, but ultimately it is your will empowering those acts. The stronger and better you feel the easier it is to protect your energy from being effected. Many people wear objects that they feel helps them with protection, such as a pentacle or cross or other forms of crystals and jewelry. If the need is strong enough, call on your guardian angels or spirits and yes your favorite deities! Just know you have the tools and power to protect and empower yourself. You just have to do it.

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings and Mediums

Get Your Clairvoyant Reading Now!

Clairvoyant psychic or clairvoyant medium is a term that represents an ability for a person or psychic to see clearly into the future or past. The method in which this is done can vary.There are some psychic readers that use a form of channeling spirits as a medium. John Edward or Sylvia Brown would fall under this type of psychic.  These psychics are usually referred to as Clairvoyant. Shamans would also fall under this category.

A clairvoyant medium or shaman will use the aid of another spirit to channel information. Some refer to these spirits as guardian angels, deceased relatives, or familiars, but the terms are really interchangeable. A medium might channel his own guide to receive the pertinent information someone is wanting to know or he may channel a spirit that is close to the individual that is being read or that is having a reading done. Many times this is a combined effort by the clairvoyants familiar spirits and those that want to come through for the person being read.

Many mediums have their own way that they receive information. Some can actually hear the spirits voice, some actually see visions in their mind and interpret what the see, some feel emotions and sensations as well through this process. Most clairvoyants have a unique practice or method that has been perfected for them over time. Some use a form of trance or meditation and other methods as well. Some mediums will lie down or sit in a trance like state, others may walk and make gestures, some may look to be talking to himself. Clairvoyants can even do readings over the phone, internet, or radio. There is no right or wrong method when wondering if a clairvoyant is legit or honest. You should know a true clairvoyant reading when you get it; even if it takes a little time to digest!

When you receive a true clairvoyant reading you should be able to validate by some simple information that will come through. Most spirits like to give that confirmation to you. There are times the information may not mean much at the time, but may make sense later. you should also understand you may not always get to contact the deceased relative that you were hoping to and instead get information from some other kindred spirit. Spirit knows what you need to know and will find a way to communicate that to you. It is up to you to be open and not have tunnel vision when receiving the information provided. The information is for you to decipher and use. The clairvoyant should be able to offer insight, but really should just present the information to you as unbiased as possible.

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