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There are many different aids or tools a psychic or clairvoyant may use. Anyone may use these tools to aid  in his or her own divination for that matter! Examples include Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal balls, scrying mirrors or other scrying objects, and pendulums.

Tarot cards are a commonly used aid.  Each Tarot card has a divinatory meaning associated with it.  In a Tarot reading, sometimes if the card is upside down, it weakens the meaning or even reverses it. It depends on the individual psychic giving the reading on how the card is interpreted. Usually, the Psychic has the person being read  handle or shuffle the cards in some manner or does it for them. The cards are then placed into a particular spread and interpreted. There are numerous types of spreads and once again it depends on the individual psychic and his or her preference. Tarot cards have different pictures on them and there are many different kinds of artistic designs and decks one can choose from.

Runes were used by the ancient Nordic people as a magical language. Their uses ranged from writing messages and making charms or talismans to predicting the future and magical work. In Anglo-Saxon English and Old Norse, the word Rune meant secret, mystery and magical signs. Each rune contains its own meaning and has energies associated with it.

Crystal balls, mirrors and shiny stones are other “scrying” objects. The user will gaze upon the clear surface until a vision appears which can be understood directly or interpreted. Any reflective stone or object can really be used for this purpose. The concept is to still the mind and see what then comes to mind – So to speak.

A pendulum is another tool some may use.   The pendulum is a tool that bridges the gap between the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain. By interpreting the movements of a swinging pendulum, you can tune into your intuition, find the answer to any question, and locate objects and energy centers in the earth.

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