Clairvoyant Crystals Stones and Gems

Here are some stones and crystals to use for aid in clairvoyance or to increase psychic awareness:

Amethyst- A purple quartz crystal which is a great spiritual and meditation stone- sharpens the sixth sense

Aquamarine- A pale blue green color stone associated with sea goddesses of the past empowers the psychic mind by calming the conscious mind’s hold

Azurite- A deep blue stone that  increases psychism by holding or wearing it- also can aid in clairvoyant dreams by placing under the pillow

Beryl- Called the stone of the seer, spheres of beryl used for scrying

Citrine- Yellowish and light orange quartz crystal aids in communication blocks of the mind

Quartz Crystal- Clear crystal used for scrying and gazing-mystically tied to the spirit and used by shamans

Emerald- Green gem thought to grant knowledge to the subconscious of the past, present and future

Lapis Lazuli- Royal blue stone with flecks of pyrite thought to contain a diety is used to increase psychic awareness

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