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Clairvoyant psychic or clairvoyant medium is a term that represents an ability for a person or psychic to see clearly into the future or past. The method in which this is done can vary.There are some psychic readers that use a form of channeling spirits as a medium. John Edward or Sylvia Brown would fall under this type of psychic.  These psychics are usually referred to as Clairvoyant. Shamans would also fall under this category.

A clairvoyant medium or shaman will use the aid of another spirit to channel information. Some refer to these spirits as guardian angels, deceased relatives, or familiars, but the terms are really interchangeable. A medium might channel his own guide to receive the pertinent information someone is wanting to know or he may channel a spirit that is close to the individual that is being read or that is having a reading done. Many times this is a combined effort by the clairvoyants familiar spirits and those that want to come through for the person being read.

Many mediums have their own way that they receive information. Some can actually hear the spirits voice, some actually see visions in their mind and interpret what the see, some feel emotions and sensations as well through this process. Most clairvoyants have a unique practice or method that has been perfected for them over time. Some use a form of trance or meditation and other methods as well. Some mediums will lie down or sit in a trance like state, others may walk and make gestures, some may look to be talking to himself. Clairvoyants can even do readings over the phone, internet, or radio. There is no right or wrong method when wondering if a clairvoyant is legit or honest. You should know a true clairvoyant reading when you get it; even if it takes a little time to digest!

When you receive a true clairvoyant reading you should be able to validate by some simple information that will come through. Most spirits like to give that confirmation to you. There are times the information may not mean much at the time, but may make sense later. you should also understand you may not always get to contact the deceased relative that you were hoping to and instead get information from some other kindred spirit. Spirit knows what you need to know and will find a way to communicate that to you. It is up to you to be open and not have tunnel vision when receiving the information provided. The information is for you to decipher and use. The clairvoyant should be able to offer insight, but really should just present the information to you as unbiased as possible.

Clairvoyant Psychics

Psychic reading is an occurrence where one person tries to perceive information and insights using extra-sensual- perception (esp) from a metaphysical realm.  There are various methods that a  psychic reader may use to provide the reading such as Tarot cards, runes, astrological signs and charts, and numerology and more. There are some psychic readers that use a form of channeling spirits as a clairvoyant medium. John Edward or Sylvia Brown would fall under this type of psychic.  These psychics are usually referred to as clairvoyant. Shamans would also fall under this category. Clairvoyant is a term that represents an ability for a person or psychic to see clearly into the future or past. The method in which this is done can vary. Some clairvoyants just feel through intuition and feelings. Some hear and can communicate with the spirit world. Some might have a vision like a daydream or in a dream. Most psychics consider themselves to be clairvoyant to a point since it is their own perception that they rely on when providing a reading for someone or for themselves.

A psychic that does a Tarot reading will use different lay outs or spreads of the cards after the person that they are reading has handled them  or shuffled them. The psychic will then interpret the layout of the cards using them only as tools and a visual aid. A good reader will  use the intuition they receive more so than the exact representation of each card, but will use the card or cards as a point of reference.

A psychic reading using runes is done in a similar way, but usually the runes are cast from a cup or ones hands on to a cloth and the ones face up are interpreted. Usually, 3 runes would be picked up and interpreted in light of the questions asked but there are other methods as well. Runic divination can be simple or very complex. It is necessary for the reader to be very intuitive and knowledgeable about the runes however.

A personal numerology reading is a breakdown of an individual’s personal numbers or life path number, which are derived from ones birth-date and or name. From these numbers one can receive insight as to what life experiences or themes will be easy, challenging, and repetitive. Some believe that a soul chooses when to be born and therefor, one could derive a life path number representing the life’s purpose or journey for the soul. The life path number (or soul number) is derived by taking ones entire birth-date -month ,day,and year and adding its sum. The sum is then added until it becomes a single numerical digit.

An astrological reading or chart uses the birth-date, the time of birth, and the place of birth (longitude and latitude) to determine the influencing factors of the planets on a person and how those planets affect each other. Horoscopes are derived in the same manner, but usually, the birth- date is what is important there. The method of doing one’s chart is a bit to involved for me to explain here.

Personally, I believe that everyone has psychic ability, but some are more apt than others. I believe that psychic ability is developed and grows stronger just like a muscle. The more you use it and understand it, the stronger it becomes. This psychic ability is an established connection to the metaphysical realm or spirit world. It is really no different than the feeling one gets when they are trying to connect in a spiritual way. What is different, is how one uses the psychic or spiritual connection as well as the strength of it. It is the intuition and emotion one feels that is perceived as the extra-sensual-perception when doing a reading. It is this perception and not the tools used that separate really good psychics from your average psychic. Even you can develop that esp because we all have it to be developed. Just remember, it is like a muscle and everyone has a different measure of strength

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