Spirit Guides

A clairvoyant medium, psychic, or shaman will use the aid of another spirit to channel information. Some refer to these spirits as guardian angels, deceased relatives, or familiars, spirit guides, but the terms are really interchangeable. A psychic medium might channel his own guide to receive the pertinent information someone is wanting to know or he may channel a spirit that is close to the individual that is being read or that is having a reading done. Many times this is a combined effort by the clairvoyant’s familiar spirits and those that want to come through for the person who is getting a  psychic reading.

We all have spirit guides that are there to help us on our path. Many times these guides are deceased ancestors or spirits that we have a past connection with. These guides are there to help us through the lessons we are to learn and experience in this lifetime. Sometimes a guide may be with us for long periods of our lifetime or short periods of time. It depends on what the guide is there to help us with. Some guides only come to us to help with certain subjects or lessons and once we have learned them, they move on. Personally, I believe past karmic ties help to contribute to this as well. Some guides help us on our path until we reach a certain time or change in our life and then a different spirit guide takes their place.

Many people are unaware of the presence of spirit guides, but through meditation the awareness can be awakened. This is a great way to contact your spirit guide and feel the loving connection that is shared. There are many different methods of meditation to use. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find the best method that works for you.

A simple method is to find a setting in which you will not be disturbed. You can try some soft meditation music and incense or something else if you prefer. The concept is to release the body’s stress then calm and still the mind. Start by taking several slow deep cleansing breaths.  Try to feel the tension leave your body. Continue to slow your breathing . Slow deep breaths in and long exhales. Some find it helpful to imagine starting at the feet and working your way up to the top of your head relaxing the muscles. Many people feel it important to imagine in the mind’s eye, a white or rainbow spectrum light surrounding their body for protection. This way they can feel safe in the astral or any other realm they encounter spirits or guides on. Many people like to create a place to meet these guardians at, such as a beach or a creek in the woods, by a lake, in a garden, on a mountain top. The point is to imagine a place that is appealing to you and visualize it in your mind. This will be your special place to meet your guardians. Once you have created the place in your mind and you are still feeling relaxed, just imagine asking to meet your guardian and then just still the mind and try to be as receptive to what you may see, hear or feel. This is a process that works differently for everyone. You might feel a sensation or vibration in your body. You might actually hear words. You might see an image of someone or something in your mind’s eye. What is important is to focus on the special connection that is shared. You can ask if there is something you need to know and then again still the mind and listen. You can ask them their name if you do not recognize them. The choices are up to you. Before you finish, thank them and recenter yourself in your minds eye or in other words picture yourself back in your designated meditation place- ie chair,couch, bed, bath.

If this does not work for you the first time do not get discouraged. Meditation and self relaxation is something that takes practice. You can do it and it will work if you are persistent. Remember there are many ways to relax and meditate. Just find a method that works best for you.

Clairvoyant Rune Reading


Clairvoyant rune divination or a rune reading can be simple or very complex. Usually the runes are cast from a cup or one’s hands on to a cloth and the ones face up are interpreted. Usually, 3 runes would be picked up and interpreted in light of the questions asked but there are other methods as well. A very simple method is to think of a question, reach into a bag of runes and pull out one rune and then apply that rune’s divination meaning. It is necessary for the reader to be very intuitive and knowledgeable about the runes however. Each rune is very complex in nature, but do have some basic fundamental energies and meanings associated with them as well.

For divination here are some basic meanings to be applied:

Fehu – finances and prosperity, could also refer to person’s libido

Uruz – Represents health matters or courage

Thurisaz – Aggressive conflicts or aimed might- stubbornness

Ansuz – Communications, wisdom and learning from past

Raidho – Travel or movement, moral right and wrong

Kenaz – Being in control, knowing what to do

Gebo – Gifts, any matter of exchanging, relationships

Wunjo – Personal Wishing, joy or happiness

Hagalaz – Uncontrolled destiny or forces that affect us (can be disruptive)

Nautiz – need, testing or suffering

Isa – Stuck or blocked, frozen,  could reference the ego

Jera – Harvest, hopes and expectations, could also be gradual change

Eihwaz – A person’s motivation or will power

Pertho – Divination, that which is becoming or something hidden

Elhaz (Algiz) – Protection, Spiritual connection or protection

Sowilo – The higher self or guidance, triumph

Tiwaz – Ordering force,  justice or legal matters

Berkano – Birth or fertility, female nurturing or issues

Ehwaz – Bonding or relationships with others

Mannaz – Matters of the mind, attitude, personal balance

Laguz – Emotions, issues with death itself or of someone you know , occult      matters

Ingwaz – Man’s personal sacrifice, male fertility, stored power

Dagaz – Spiritual awakening, completion of a cycle

Othala – Inheritance, heritage, home and family life

Rune Sets

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