Clairvoyant Crystals Stones and Gems

Here are some stones and crystals to use for aid in clairvoyance or to increase psychic awareness:

Amethyst- A purple quartz crystal which is a great spiritual and meditation stone- sharpens the sixth sense

Aquamarine- A pale blue green color stone associated with sea goddesses of the past empowers the psychic mind by calming the conscious mind’s hold

Azurite- A deep blue stone that  increases psychism by holding or wearing it- also can aid in clairvoyant dreams by placing under the pillow

Beryl- Called the stone of the seer, spheres of beryl used for scrying

Citrine- Yellowish and light orange quartz crystal aids in communication blocks of the mind

Quartz Crystal- Clear crystal used for scrying and gazing-mystically tied to the spirit and used by shamans

Emerald- Green gem thought to grant knowledge to the subconscious of the past, present and future

Lapis Lazuli- Royal blue stone with flecks of pyrite thought to contain a diety is used to increase psychic awareness

Clairvoyant Dreams

Many people will have dreams that later appear to come true. These dreams can be a sign of clairvoyant skills or have a rational explanation. Our brains absorb a huge amount of information both consciously and subconsciously. When events or the future plays out as they were foreseen in the dream, these events are thought to be prophetic. It is possible that the events were merely a logical unfolding of events that the subconscious has deduced, but it is also possible that they were in fact clairvoyant.

Many believe that we are guided through our dreams by spirit guides.  Based on that premise, it is not unrealistic to think that we can all have clairvoyant dreams. The trick is to know and learn the difference. A dream journal could help with this. If you are being guided through your dreams, a written journal could be of great assistance in interpreting what the dream content is all pointing to. It could show trends of people or symbols  and even provide you with insights of recurring themes.

Of  course many times we could just be  experiencing our psyche using sleep to remind us of the anxieties or problems we are dealing with or have to resolve. I would say to you it is a combination of the psyche and spirit guidance. It just depends on the severity of it all. So keep a journal and use it to help with your dream analysis and try to remember that symbols mean different things to different people so try to keep your personal emotion and thoughts in mind when interpreting symbols and places.